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"Seamus" - pronounced "Shame-us"

Seamus was born 1/25/2006.  He is a tri colored pup, I think he will have a coat that leans more to smooth than rough.  He was turned in for exhibiting fear issues towards guests arriving in a young household.  He was fine with the baby in the household, but with so many friends and friends' children coming in and out, the family feared for their safety.  Seamus would back up, tail right tight up between his legs, and bark ferociously.  He's been in rescue for almost a month now and has come a long way with his people skills. 

However, his dog skills need improvement.  He is fine here at home with our "pack" but feels he must display first, ask questions later when greeting new dogs, on or off leash, it does not matter for Seamus.  He's a love and very workable, but although just a pup, he is not for just anyone.

Seamus in the foreground here

Update 10/8/2006

Here is an unscheduled greeting of Seamus with my friend's male dog Skyler.  Skyler was in my back yard with several other dogs.  I slipped into the house to grab some poop bags and out slipped Seamus - management will fail at some point.  Here is a video of Seamus' interactions with strange dog Skyler (an intact male) - it seemed much worse at the time it happened but the video shows that he did miss.  It is interesting to see how the two dogs are giving each other calming signals of turning their heads away several times before Seamus strikes.  I was taking photographs of foster dog Millie who was visiting this day as well which is how I happened to have my camera with me.

Mouse over to start/replay video - takes a minute to load.

January 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Little Shamie!

I definitely have to learn how to photoshop the glowing eyes out of these pics!

Our little boy is growing up - a whole year old, he's been in rescue 7 months now.

Improved Kitty Kommunication!

"See mom, I didn't eat him - just looked!"

Cuddle time/nap time!


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