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Nitro or "Nidey" (like "Spidey" for Spiderman) is a very cool young boy.  Not only is he stunningly gorgeous, he is a LOT of fun and super smart!  When he first arrived, his dog skills leaved a little to be desired.  We have found though that living in our large group, that he actually reads other dogs quite well.  He is learning that he cannot always be "the king" and has figured out who to defer to in order to keep peace within the household.

Nitro has the prick ears in the above photo

He is a lover of all people.  He is fine with kitties.  He loves to play with large hard plastic balls, he will push them around all of the fields here and if they go into the pond, he will happily swim into the pond and herd them on back to shore. 

He had one guarding incident in his old home where he was nibbling on some grain at the top of a grain bag in a barn and when a child approached he growled.  We've seen no guarding here in an adult only home but to be safe we do not want to place him with children.

He is a car chaser.  Our fenced yard is set back from the road and if we are out playing ball he will choose to stay and play ball rather than go off and chase along the fence line.  However, if left out alone or not being interacted with for a moment, he will chase.  We will need a safely fenced yard for Nitro. 

In the house he is a great boy.  He settles down on a dog bed underneath the desk and does not pester.  He really is a nice dog who has learned an unsafe habit (car chasing) and we would love to see him go to a home where he could do agility or frisbee or just have some fun active people to interact with him.

Nidey enjoys a good swim now and again:)

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