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Molly McWiggles or Molly Mud Nose

Molly is a 9 year old purebred border collie.  She was born on 11/1/1996.  She will be 10 in November.  Molly has been in one family her entire life.  The family got her when the youngest child was about 11 years old.  Molly has been a great dog throughout her entire life but a difficult set of circumstances is forcing the family to give her up at this time.  Molly was evaluated on 3/11/2006 and passed all temperament tests with flying colors.  Molly knows sit, stay, and comes running happily to a whistle.  Molly is fine with other dogs and has lived with cats in the past as well.  She came into foster care on March 18th and is being an excellent houseguest.  She is a wiggly, happy, kissy girl who loves nothing better than to snuggle up alongside you whenever she can!

Molly on a sit-stay

Molly running back to dad on a whistle

Dad is asking for a "down"

And we end up with Molly just getting all wiggly and happy as it's been a while!


Molly came to Sugar Bush Farm on 3/18/2006

Here she is enjoying a chew with Loupi under my desk!

I can type better than that - just let me try once - please!!!!

Molly playing ball, just move mouse over the box to play again.

I just don't get the whole "Molly Mud Nose" thing!