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Hannah is an NEBCR foster dog.  She arrived at Sugar Bush Farm on February 1st.  Here she is playing with our gang her first day here.  About 2 minutes - right click and select play to see.


February 11, 2006

Hannah Banana has been here 10 days.  She is an awesome dog!  Her other foster mom Sandy taught her to lift her paws to the cues of "right" and "left."  She also spins in both directions when cued.  We have been down to the agility building a couple of times and Hannah shows no fear of the obstacles - I didn't suspect that she would:)

Today we played with the group down in the play yard.  Gun shots were going off.  My Beacon immediately jumped in my lap, trembling uncontrollably.  But, the rest of the gang continued to play!  Including Fenn who is also noise sensitive.  And the gun shots went on for quite a while - I think it must have been someone target shooting.  I am very glad that some of my dogs can handle the noise, I think it was very good for Hannah.

Roxie is the "play police" out in the play yard and also in the house.  Here are Hannah and Petie playing Tug with Roxie watching.  It looks like Roxie is going to intervene, but all she does is watch.

I have a minute!  I'll write a little more about Miss Hannah.  Whoever adopts this young lady will never be lonely or without a chuckle.  Hannah enjoys "helping" in every way she can.  "Oh, you're taking those dishes out of the dishwasher, here's a ball on top of them all."  "Well, I know I'm not supposed to put my nose on the table, but I can certainly toss my ball up there, can't I?"  "Oops, sorry I bounced my ball into the frying pan!"

Here she is crawling into Craig's lap.

And here she is resting up for her next round of fun.

And she's ready to go again!


I am Pooka

They are bugging the crap out of me!

Talk to the paw, Hannah!

What d'ya mean "bath?"

February 20, 2006

Hannah finds her new home!

Sugar Bush Farm
760 East Road
Stephentown NY  12168

(518) 733-5010