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Agility Classes with Kathy

Mondays  - No Classes Labor Day Monday 9/7/2015

5:00 - 6:30  Scheduled Privates

6:30-8:00 ish  Competition Class



 5:00-6:15 Scheduled Privates

6:15-8:00 Could be anything class!  Games, skillsets, European moves, Run Throughs with Comments!  Let me know what you want and we’ll make it work!  We will have teeter help and different weave pole training sets available in this time slot so this can work for dogs who need extra help on these two obstacles as well!



6:00 p.m.   Intro to Obstacles - same students that participated in the above class or new students with permission of instructor.

6:30 p.m.  Beginner Agility (Outside with Craig) - for dogs who have completed foundations or with permission of instructor.  Contact Kathy at sugarbush761@aol.com

 All classes are $15.00 per dog/handler.  Same handler, second dog on same day is $10.00.  *Foundations will have a one-time charge of $5.00 for the handouts, so first class is $20.00.

Foundations for Agility:  This class is great for puppies and dogs who want to learn the basics for a good foundation with their handler.  Attention to handler, having a fun time with your handler in spite of the many distractions around an agility setting, how to have fun learning and trying new things with your handler.  The dogs love this class!

Intro to Obstacles:  This is where we get your dog on the obstacles in a safe and non-threatening manner.  Positive reinforcement is used throughout all of these classes.  Agility training is great for dogs’ confidence even if you do not have a goal of competing with your dog.

Alphabet Drills Plus!:  We will have some alphabet drills to learn crosses and handling skills.  We will also have some other drills set up to get you going on weaves and contacts with more confidence.

 Beginner Agility:  Short courses as you would find at Novice/Beginner level agility competitions.  We will also begin to introduce you to the different games classes available to enter at competitions.

Intermediate/Competition Class:  Will make you think and work!


2015 Agility Trials at Sugar Bush Farm – please note who is putting the trial on for contact information!

September 12

NEBCR Reunion

September 25-27

DOCNA Championships! 

October 3-4


October 10-11


October 17-18

UKI – SBF  Premium

October 24-25

Agility Demos at Goold Orchards, Castleton, NY


SBF = Sugar Bush Farm – www.sugarbushfarm.net

NAE -= Northeast Agility Enthusiasts – www.northeastagility.com

SOBAD = Southern Berkshire Agility Dogs – www.sobadagility.com

WASCUNY = www.wascuny.org

AD = AgileDogs – www.agiledogs.net

WAG’D  = Working Agility Girls and their Dogs – www.wagdagility.com

ADOS  = Agility Dogs of Schenectady - http://www.sdtcdogs.com

NEBCR = New England Border Collie Rescue, Inc. – www.nebcr.org


CPE - www.k9cpe.com                       USDAA – www.usdaa.com            ASCA - www.asca.org

DOCNA – www.docna.com        UKI - http://www.ukagilityinternational.com/

TDAA  - http://k9tdaa.com/      NADAC    - www.nadac.com     


Kathy Chittenden            www.sugarbushfarm.net             sugarbush761@aol.com                518-733-5010


Ring and Building Rental to individuals/groups:
Please give Craig a call 518-733-5010 or write sugarbush761@aol.com to see if the time/date you want is available.  Cost is $10 per dog - cold weather is coming and SBF is a good place to keep up on your training!


Other trainers at Sugar Bush Farm


Agiledogs is here - www.agiledogs.net for schedule



Jim Jayko is here - e-mail at jjjayko@mycidco.com



Wag'd Agility often has special classes/offerings

For more info:  http://www.wagdagility.com/



Welcome to Sugar Bush Farm!

We are an operating dairy farm in Stephentown, NY.  We are presently milking about 80 registered Jerseys.  We also have a dog training facility here at the farm.  There is a fully enclosed playing field that includes a pond and a dock for dock diving.  There are other fenced areas and a 90x90 outdoor fenced agility field plus a 40x96' coverall building with a sand floor for agility and other dog sports when the weather isn't cooperating.

The facility is available for rent to different groups and individuals.  Please contact us for available dates and pricing.  The facility is great for your rescue group to hold a reunion or for you to host your dog's birthday parties.  More info is here.

Below photos by Barry Rosen at www.barryrosen.com

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Sugar Bush Farm
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